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Saturday 23rd March 2019

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What to expect at a yoga class

When you attend a yoga class you will be guided through different stages so that you can fully immerse yourself into the experience.


The class will introduce you to simple breathing techniques, a gentle warm-up  leading to a series of Pregnancy Yoga positions, which is then followed by a Deep Relaxation and Meditation.

All Yoga postures are completely safe to do during Pregnancy, so you can feel confident that you are in safe hands.

Each week we will focus on a different topic to help keep the classes varied & interesting, and all topics are centred around Pregnancy. 

The Yoga class is for one hour and 20 minutes, and we will be finished by 11:20 a.m.

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Amazing experience, these classes have added to my whole pregnancy experience. Highly recommended and a must for us ladies :) ”

Baljit Tamber

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

Breath deeply to Manage Stress & Relax

Long deep breathing has many benefits for you and your baby, including calming you when stressed, and boosting oxygen to your growing baby.

Meditate to Relax your Mind & Focus

Meditating during pregnancy releases Endorphins & Dopamine. These two hormones are your bodies Natural Painkillers, preparing you for birth.

Ease Pregnancy aches & pains with gentle stretching

Gentle stretching can help to relieve physical and mental tension, as well as increase flexibility within the body.

Connect deeply with your baby

Attending a prenatal yoga class will allow you to leave your worries at the door, and to focus completely on your Pregnancy.

On Mama and Baby.

How to find us

Pregnancy yoga classes are held at the Kundalini Yoga Centre, In Southall. (West London)

Click here to visit us on Google Maps to check directions from your home. 

Click here for more details regarding visiting the centre.

Address details: 

 1st Floor, The National Sikh Resource Centre, Dominion Road, Southall UB2 5DP (Based on the 1st Floor of the Sikh Resource Centre).


Indheep Kaur

If you are struggling during your pregnancy with back ache, sleepless nights, fatigue or feeling emotionally low then I can help; dealing with a host of pregnancy distresses is my speciality.


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Please leave your details to signup to attend the free Pregnancy Yoga class & to receive details of upcoming classes:

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