Indheep Kaur

Hello and thank you for visiting my website

I was blessed to experience Kundalini Yoga during my own pregnancy and loved the close connection it opened up to my unborn child.

I completed my Pregnancy yoga training with the ‘Mothers Journey’ in London, UK, 2009.

If you are struggling during your pregnancy with back ache, sleepless nights, fatigue or feeling emotionally low then I can help; dealing with a host of pregnancy distresses is my speciality.

I believe that every pregnant woman can make the journey of pregnancy the most wonderful experience.

My Mission is to help women manage the ongoing changes occurring in their bodies and to empower them for the journey of pregnancy and birthing ahead.

I encourage all women to tap into their inner power and to use the tools of Yoga, Meditation and Mantra to experience a blissful pregnancy!

I look forward to helping you.