5 Simple steps to Reduce Stress & Relax During Pregnancy

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providing Antenatal care to Pregnant women. 

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way for Mama & Baby to connect deeply on this amazing 9-month journey.

If you are interested in attending a pregnancy Yoga class in West London, then keep reading below to view our monthly Pregnancy Yoga courses.  Pregnant ladies can attend Yoga classes from the 2nd trimester right up to birth.

Getting plenty of exercise during pregnancy can have many benefits for Mama & baby, our classes are designed to help you stretch, release tension & reduce stress during your pregnancy.

Please feel free to download your Pregnancy Guide above, to help you relax and reduce stress.

Pregnancy Yoga Course
July 2022

Details of our New Pregnancy Yoga Course for July is now available.  

We will be focusing on the following topics: 

  • Sunday 3rd July - Managing Stress

  • Sunday 10th July - Strengthen Pelvis & Hips

  • Sunday 17th July - Mind & Body Balance

  • Sunday 24th July - Self Love & Healing

If you would like to find out more and Signup to join the course please click on the link below:

Our Mission

It is our mission at ‘My Blissful Pregnancy’ to help pregnant woman worldwide make the journey of pregnancy the most wonderful experience.

Pregnancy Yoga gives you the opportunity to switch off from the world, to relax, stretch, breath and to connect deeply to your unborn baby.  

So take some time out for yourself and join us for Pregnancy yoga to help balance your emotions, build stamina, prepare for labour and the journey of motherhood.

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

A prenatal yoga practice is designed to support the changes that occur in your pregnant body.

It can provide additional support (physical, mental and emotional) during a time of ongoing changes helping bring calm, peace and relaxation.

A regular practice will help reduce Stress, ease pregnancy discomforts, relax the mind and connect deeply to your unborn child.

Breath deeply to Manage Stress & Relax

Long deep breathing has many benefits for you and your baby, including calming you when stressed, and boosting oxygen to your growing baby.

Meditate to Relax your Mind & Focus

Meditating during pregnancy releases Endorphins & Dopamine. These two hormones are your bodies Natural Painkillers, preparing you for birth.

Ease Pregnancy aches & pains with gentle stretching

Gentle stretching can help to relieve physical and mental tension, as well as increase flexibility within the body.

Connect deeply with your baby

Attending a prenatal yoga class will allow you to leave your worries at the door, and to focus completely on your Pregnancy.

On Mama and Baby.

"Attending these classes was a blessing...I'm grateful for the experience and would highly recommend to others."

Jeevan Kaur, Norwood Green

I am...Indheep Kaur


I completed my Pregnancy yoga training with the ‘Mothers Journey’ in London, UK, 2009.


If you are struggling during your pregnancy with back ache, sleepless nights, fatigue or feeling emotionally low then I can help; dealing with a host of pregnancy distresses is my speciality.


I believe that every pregnant woman can make the journey of pregnancy the most wonderful experience.


My Mission is to help women manage the ongoing changes occurring in their bodies and to empower them for the journey of pregnancy and birthing ahead.


Pregnancy yoga Classes are currently being held online, so you can logon form the comfort of your own home.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Our classes focus on key areas of pregnancy, including:

Preparation for Labour
Overcoming fear of giving birth
Managing stress
Relieving Pregnancy discomforts
Overcoming tiredness and fatigue 
Dealing with changing emotions
Maintaining good mental health

For private sessions within the West London area please contact me using the Contact  Form or call me on 07863139420.

Our Mission: Blissful Pregnancy

It is our mission at ‘My Blissful Pregnancy’ to help pregnant woman worldwide make the journey of pregnancy the most wonderful experience.

We aim to help women cope with the ongoing changes occurring in their bodies and to empower women for the journey of pregnancy and birthing ahead.

Yoga will physically Strengthen your body, help you to mentally Focus for a positive  experience and provide emotional Balance.

With the gift of Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation & Mantra we encourage all women to tap into their inner power and to use the tools that this Powerful yoga has to offer.

Each child deserves the best start in life, and every mother has the power to make the difference and give this gift to their unborn child.  So look after yourself, eat well, rest, sleep, practice yoga, meditate, stay in a place of happiness, be grateful, content and experience a Blissful Pregnancy.

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